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Axanthic (VPI)

The term Axanthic translates literally meaning without yellow, a perfect description of this morph. There are several different lineages of the Axanthic morph, and in all of them the phenotype is inherited as a simple recessive trait. They are usually identified by the origin of the founding stock. The lineage that I work with is only the VPI axanthic.

 The Different lineages are considered to be incompatible, meaning that when they are bred together, the resulting normal looking offspring that are double-hets for the parental types of axanthic phenotype.

It is common for Axanthic ball pythons to accure more yellow in their pattern as they age, but Axanthic hatchlings are stunning little silver and black snakes, but some Axanthic ball pythons add yellow to their pattern as they age, therefore becoming brownish in apperence.


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