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The banana morph can be described as similar to a caramel-albino but with small dark dots, like flicked paint spots,that appear as the snake grows, these appear to be restricted to the areas on the body of dark pattern elements. This is a very pale and yellow ball python with dark eyes. Its dark pattern elements are a pale lavender-grayish colour, similar to the dark color seen on the caramel-albinos.


When the founder banana ball was bred to a normal ball, banana morphs appeared in the first clutch, so this appearence is inherited as a dominant or codominant trait. Hatchling banana balls are a more intense yellow and gold that become paler with age. There is a Mystical "sense" that surrounds the Banana Ball Python in regards to the "alpha" males that are dominant and will produce mostly males and the occasional females.  This is just another feature of the Banana Ball's puzzle that makes the Banana much more than just another Base morph.  It's a craze, it's a dream, it's a Banana!

 The Banana Ball will endevour to prove a valuable purchase, with the potential to see changes in the new combo's you can produce with this Beautiful Banana. 


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